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Junior Zookeeper

Experience the life of a professional Zookeeper for a day. Learn about animal husbandry, feeding, animal handling, and captive breeding. Get up close and personal with Tasmanian Devils, Koalas, Quolls, and so much more. Zookeeper 4 A Day; a unique, unforgettable, hands on experience, only at Peel Zoo.

From $165.00


Animal Adoption

Adopting an animal at Peel Zoo is a beautiful way to show your support for the animal and the Zoo. All Adoption Certificates are personalised according to the animal and the person adopting them.


School Excursion

Now that’s “edu-tainment”
Peel Zoo takes education very seriously. However, we also think it should be fun. That’s why we help schools with what we call “edu-tainment”.

Our goal with “edu-tainment” is to support teachers in the delivery of a variety of educational subjects. These subjects might include Research Skills, Science, Animal Care, Ecosystems, Conservation, English, and even the Arts.

Price Range from $12.00 - $17.50


Macaw Encounter

Enjoy a hands on, enrichment training session with our amazing blue and gold macaw.

Price Range from $37.00 - $48.00


Big Bird Encounter

Get up close and personal with Morgan, our friendly red-tailed black cockatoo.

Price Range from $27.00 - $38.00


Olive Python Encounter

Australia's second largest snake species, the olive python, is a great encounter for reptile lovers.

Price Range from $22.00 - $33.00


Koala Encounter

Get up close and personal to this Australian icon. Feeding a koala is an amazing Australian experience.

Price Range from $37.00 - $48.00


Annual Pass

Peel Zoo now has Annual Passes! Get amazing offers and unlimited entry to Peel Zoo for 12 months. We have 4 types of annual passes available. That means we have an annual pass to suit you and your family. Passes available for purchase are child, senior concession, adult and family! If conserving animals is what you’re all about, why not purchase an annual pass today, online or in person at Peel Zoo. See below for full terms and conditions.


General Admission Entry

Peel Zoo is a boutique, hands-on zoo, in a lush setting on the banks of the Murray River. A General Entry ticket entitles visitors to all day entry to Peel Zoo.


Dingo Encounter

Spend some intimate time with our female dingo Cleo, during her enrichment session.

Price Range from $52.00 - $63.00


Squirrel Glider Encounter

Come and meet our squirrel gliders, Gliders, Ivy, Torah, Saphira, and Ameli in this interactive animal encounter. Peel Zoo is the only zoo in Australia to offer glider encounters.

Price Range from $27.00 - $38.00